Welcome to the EMBRACE plan's home page!

EMBRACE (an acronym for Expanding Medical and Behavioral Resources with Access to Care for Everyone) is a unique, far-reaching healthcare reform proposal which offers universal access to basic healthcare services as well as a modern, user-friendly framework. Unlike most other proposals that are limited to health insurance, EMBRACE outlines a blueprint for comprehensive reform of healthcare system oversight and infrastructure that is designed to create a science based, physician led and patient-friendly system insulated from political and financial influences. 

EMBRACE was conceived by non-partisan healthcare professionals, not lawmakers, insurance companies or partisan think-tanks.  

​Some Features of EMBRACE 

1) A “Unified” Healthcare System: EMBRACE consolidates all the different types of health insurances, and healthcare agencies under one independent oversight board that is run by healthcare professionals (not the federal government and/or insurance companies). 

2) Truly Universal Coverage: EMBRACE provides for true free, automatic, universal healthcare coverage (from cradle to grave) for basic healthcare needs; with an inexpensive and easily understandable process for upgrading coverage.

3) Truly Universal Access: EMBRACE provides universal access to all healthcare providers (doctors, therapists, hospitals, clinics, etc.). No more ‘narrow provider networks’ by insurance companies that limit access and increase out of pocket expenses (for services outside the network). 

4) User-Friendliness: EMBRACE reduces or eliminates current bureaucratic processes like co-pays, deductibles and pre-certifications for basic healthcare services for both patients and providers. 

5) Business Friendly: EMBRACE eliminates requirement for businesses to provide health insurance.

6) Insulated From Political and "Special Interest" Pressures: EMBRACE creates an independent National Medical Board modeled after the Federal Reserve, that would allow our healthcare system to be run by healthcare professionals with relative independence from government, commercial insurance providers or pharmaceutical companies.

Advantages by Party Affiliation

Unified CoverageNo Individual MandateEasy Budget Process
Universal AccessNo Business Mandate
Control of Budget
More Consumer Responsibility 
Health Consumer Satisfaction 
Regulation of Private Insurance
Elimination of Medicare and Medicare
Solve Medicare ‘Deadline’

Elimination of HHS